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Our technical staff delivers high quality solutions that truly fit the needs of our clients. We are committed to deliver safe, timeless, cost effective and sustainable solutions through team work, risk management, and effective communication. We understand the importance of helping our clients implement complex and state of the art projects in a professional manner. We maintain and provide the highest quality of service to all of our clients and ensure all projects are completed in a timely and budget conscious manner. We pride ourselves to work as a team and to work as an extension of our clients.

Our Team

Armand Consulting, Inc

Mahvash Armand, PE PMP

Mahvash is a hands-on leader as well as a competent and accomplished Electrical Engineer and Project Manager with over 25 years experience in systems engineering, design, project management, and program management. She maintains multi-state Professional Engineering registrations and PMP certification from Project Management Institute (PMI). Mahvash is also recognized in the transportation industry for innovative engineering and project management solutions for complex problems and projects.
Armand Consulting, Inc

Carl Buck

Vice President of Project Delivery
Carl is a member of our leadership team responsible for leading the planning and execution of projects nationwide. With nearly three decades of national and international industry experience in key roles with leading rail transit and transportation firms, Carl supports the development of strategic approaches to the development of solutions. He is a co-contributor to the APTA Standards Recommended Practice “Securing Control and Communications Systems in Rail Transit Environments” with extensive management & leadership experience in the development and deployment of train/traffic control, SCADA, and passenger information & security systems for mass transit agencies around the world.
Ferda Evans1

Ferda Evans

Director, Systems Integration
Ferda has 18 years of experience in transit systems integration for light rail, freight rail, automated people movers, bus dispatch systems, communications, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. She is an Electronics and Communications Engineer with experience in all phases of project management. Her responsibilities include defining the contract specifications, the scope of work, writing Request for Proposals (RFPs), cost estimates, price negotiations, reviewing requirements and design, test plans, system integration plans, project management, creating schedules, quality control, resource planning, on-site installation management, managing contracts and contractors for several projects in the United States and Canada.
Armand Consulting, Inc

Joy Morrison

Director of HR, Quality and Project Controls
Joy is responsible for all levels of human resource services, policies and programs. She ensures quality processes follow ACI quality requirements and oversees project controls and governance practices with overall responsibility to determine and establish procedures and quality standards and monitor their compliance.
Armand Consulting, Inc

Joycelyn Williams

Business and Compliance Manager
Joycelyn is responsible for ensuring all essential guidelines are in place and accurately adhere to Company, industry and local standards. She understands the importance of corporate compliance and brings an extensive background providing her with the skills and abilities necessary to ensure compliance with in-house polices, existing regulations and best practices.
Armand Consulting, Inc

Deirdre Duthil, Ph.D.

Area Manager
Deirdre oversees activities in the Georgia area formulating business development strategies and supporting operations. She is a Project management professional and enthusiastic relationship builder with significant client-facing experience. Deirdre works alongside Project Managers and the entire project team to arrange project logistics.
Armand Consulting, Inc

Tri Le, PE

Area Manager
Tri oversees activities in the California area formulating business development strategies and supporting operations. Tri is a licensed Professional Engineer with extensive transit experience in communications, systems integration, design, systems and hazard analysis, as well as performance testing, Tri holds the TSI Transit Safety and Security Program (TSSP) certification.
Armand Consulting, Inc

Kevin Copley

Senior Computer Systems Engineer
Kevin is an experienced Computer Systems Engineer with extensive experience in the transportation and utility industries specifically in the development and life-cycle managment of Operations Control Center (OCC). He is hardworking and enthusiastic with well-developed skills both in management and more technical engineering aspects.
Armand Consulting, Inc

Richard Krisak

Senior Rail Transit Specialist
Rich has over 25 years of experience managing diverse modes of service including rail, bus and paratransit where he has been responsible for transportation, vehicle maintenance, mantenance of way, station service, facilities maintenace, and central conrol. He has over 40 years of extensive transit experience in planning, capital development, and operations.
BDoss 20191126 IMG_9954 square

Brendan Doss, PE PMP

Systems Safety Program Manager
Brendan is a certified Project Management Professional and a registered Professional Engineer (Electrical) in several states. He has four decades of experience in systems integration, communications, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, and Quality program development.
Feven Abraha 1

Feven Abraha

Systems Analyst
Feven is a Systems Analyst providing analysis, project coordination, technical support, documentation support, project deliverables, planning and scheduling, quality, and system safety. Her expertise in the technology field includes software development, testing, and preliminary engineering.
Armand Consulting, Inc

Alan Friend

Senior Safety Certification Specialist
Alan has over 35 years extensive experience in managing construction of light and heavy rail transit systems and facilities providing project management, construction management, quality assurance, oversight of contractor's quality control, oversight and performance of testing & commissioning of transit systems safety certification, supervision of field office staff and QA/QC inspectors.
Fanuel Abraha cropped

Fanuel Abraha

Software Engineer Intern