Armand Consulting, Inc

Dallas Area Rapid Transit selects ACI for Professional Services Pool (PSP) Contracts

Armand Consulting, Inc. (ACI) is excited to announce that it has been selected by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) as part of a pool of contractors for two professional services support contracts – Quality Support and Safety & Security Certification Support. The 5-year contracts are based on issuance of individual task orders in support of detailed design of the civil, rail systems, facilities and architectural elements on DART Facilities.

Quality Support tasks incorporate all elements necessary to establish, maintain, and ensure compliance with contract requirements and documented procedures. Safety & Security Certification Support tasks include providing qualified personnel to support the Authority’s safety and security certification program. Services include management of processes to verify and validated integration that all federal and rail system safety standards and codes are properly identified and incorporated into designs, drawings, and contract specifications and coordinated with regional AHJ’s, rail maintenance, operations to conduct systems/rail training and management for conducting new systems Readiness Drill exercises in accordance with federal, state and contract specifications.