Armand Consulting, Inc. selected for BART and LACMTA projects

Armand Consulting, Inc. (ACI) is excited to announce that we have recently been selected for two California projects – BART Train Control Modernization Project (TCMP) and LACMTA Security CCTV Design Project.

The BART TCMP involves implementing a state-of-the-art Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) system to increase capacity and improve reliability by replacing the current, aging fixed block train control equipment. CBTC is a proven telecommunication signaling system that allows for real-time adjustments of speed and braking to allow for safe train separation while allowing trains to get closer to each other. A modernized train control system will enable BART to increase projected Transbay capacity to 30-trains per hour per direction in the core system area, from the current limitation of 24-trains per hour per direction.

As part of Systra Consulting, Inc.’s CBTC Design Services During Construction (DSDC) team, ACI is responsible to develop interface specifications, functional interfaces, technical interfaces (electrical, mechanical, network, environment), performances, integration test and validation strategy, and review the rolling stock interface. Tri Le, P.E. is heading up this project.

The LACMTA Security CCTV Design Project involves designing, implementing, and executing the CCTV rehabilitation project for Gold Line Eastside Extension and Orange Line, in support of the System Security & Law Enforcement (SSLE) Physical Security and MOW Engineering departments.

As part of Gannet Fleming, Inc.’s Engineering Support for Rail Maintenance Services contract, ACI is involved in the design (SOW, drawings and specifications, field surveys, bill of materials, test procedures, safety certification documentation, and training) and overseeing construction, installation, integration and testing of systemwide communications equipment. Karthik Ramachandran is heading up this project.

We wish Tri and Karthik the best on their respective projects!