South Oak Cliff Line Section 3 (SOC-3)

Client: Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), Dallas TX
Construction Value Approximately: 101 Million
Completion Date (Construction): 2016
Delivery Method: CM/GC
Teaming with Blue Alliance Partners (BAP), ACI leads the Systems Engineering Design efforts for the South Oak Cliff Line Section 3 CM/GC project. This 2.7 mile double track extension of the DART LRT system will include two new stations and two new interlockings.

As Systems Engineering Design Lead Consultant, ACI is responsible for a complete system design including Traction Power, Signaling, OCS, Communications/SCADA, Corrosion Control, System Elements, and Systems Integration/Interface management for the build-out of the SOC-3 extension. During Design/Pre-Construction, the Design and Construction teams work together to advance the design to the 65% level.

Significant system components include:soc3

  • Train control system upgrade/modification;
  • Train-to-wayside communications system;
  • Microprocessor interlocking;
  • Automatic highway crossing warning systems;
  • Fiber optics and data transmission system;
  • Potential of a new central control build-out to be located at current Maintenance;
  • CCTV Design
  • Voice Over IP Telephone System upgrade and modification;
  • Public address and variable message signs upgrade/modification;
  • Upgrade/modification of the train movement monitoring through the existing Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) System;
  • Traction Power System Upgrade/Modification based on simulation results;
  • OCS system design to accommodate various challenges within the right-of-way;
  • Interfacing between traffic signal and light rail signal systems;
  • Ducts and conduit provisions for signals, communications, OCS and Corrosion Control sub-systems;
  • Interfacing with utility companies for medium- and low-voltage services to stations, traction power substations, communications interface cabinets, signals houses and other system facilities located along the alignment.

As the preliminary engineering for the SOC-3 line section progresses, the revenue service date for the line section is anticipated for 2016.