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We are proud of the interns that have gone through our Internship Program and equally pleased to introduce Ramya Ramgopal, our most recent intern to successfully complete the ACI Engineering Internship.

Ramya Ramgopal is a student at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics, Psychology, and Innovation and Transformational Change. She participated in the summer ACI Engineering Internship program at our Issaquah, Washington office.

We asked Ramya about her experience as an intern with ACI. We were pleased to be a part of her overall experience working on real-world projects that have influenced how she sees her place in engineering – this is significant as many do not recognize this until much later in their education. It is gratifying for ACI that Ramya took this opportunity and gained from it. The experience and exposure is what our internship program is all about, giving students the opportunity for a truer understanding of their chosen field. It is demonstrated that she has gained significant insight which may impact her career path as reflected in her own words…

“I am very thankful for Armand Consulting Inc. and the whole team for this incredible opportunity to learn more about the electrical engineering industry while expanding my knowledge and skillset. I have worked on multiple projects during my time at Armand Consulting which have all given me more knowledge in my field that I can apply in school and in my future career”.

“The biggest project I worked on related to the Redline IDS project. After reviewing the initial work plan and becoming familiarized with the topics discussed, I was able to make comments and have an input on the updated revisions of the work plan. I then continued to do my own research and created a package that included procedures and diagrams that implemented a reset push button into the overall project. I also began to research and create diagrams representing the video management softwares used for these intrusion detection systems. I was then able to use this knowledge to help the rest of the team create a complete procedure for the entire project. Throughout this process, I became familiarized with many electrical engineering topics such as electrical wiring, switches and relays, all which will greatly help with my understanding of topics in school and in my future career. Along with this IDS project, I also had the opportunity to work on a few other projects such as working with the Caltrain Subsystem devices communication system. I analyzed the current ring changes of the devices to create and propose a new system of ring changes that would reduce the amount of ring hopping, thus increasing the speed of the communication between these devices. Throughout this process, I had to learn about fiber optic communications and electrical communications in general. As I also worked on highlighting important issues found at different VTA or Valley Transportation Authority fiber network ring sites, I gained more knowledge about the hardware and practical side of using fiber optic networks for communication. Through this research, I learned that I am very interested in the topics of data networking and signal processing which uses a fair amount of fiber optics. This is going to greatly influence the classes that I take at school as I am now considering doing a specialization in communications and data processing which will help define the path my career takes in the future. My expectations for this internship were to simply gain experience in the electrical engineering field by observing other engineers at work but I gained so much more at this job than I could have ever expected. I learned information that will be invaluable in my schooling and in my future career through hands-on experience. I learned to communicate with other engineers and put together projects that take months and many people to complete. I learned that a job not only encompasses the knowledge that you acquire but also the skills that you learn to help you succeed in every facet of your life. I was given the freedom to ask questions to better my understanding, but I also gained the ability to trust my own judgement and instinct. I now plan to take this knowledge that I learned from this internship and apply it to gain more perspective in my classes as I now have seen how these simple electrical engineering topics can be applied to engineering solutions in the real world. I am very thankful for Armand Consulting Inc. for allowing me to gain experience that goes beyond what I could have possibly learned in a classroom which will be invaluable for the rest of my career”. – Ramya Ramgopal

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